Plastering Plymouth


Q/ What do I need to do before you plaster?

Areas to be plastered should have all furniture and radiators removed to enable the plasterer to reach all areas safely. Furniture that is too large to move will be covered with protective sheets.

Q/ Do I have to remove the wallpaper before plastering?

Yes, all paper must be removed to ensure proper adhesion. If you are unable to do this, we do offer this as an additional service.

Q/ Do I need to remove the carpets? No all carpets will be fully covered and protected.

Q/ How messy is plastering?

We pride ourselves on cleanliness. All areas will be covered with protective sheets and left as clean as we find them.

Q/ How long will it be before I can paint?

There is no exact time for this as it all depends on what surfaces are being covered and which plaster is being used. However, you will see a colour change from dark brown to a light pink. When the whole area has become light pink you are ready to paint. We recommend seven days.